Friday, October 23, 2009

I've been reading a bit about Adidas the last couple of days and a new heritage range of running/racing shoes which will be coming out in the New Year, including the Marathon 10 based on the old Marathon trainer and the MMX Marathon based on the old Marathon 80 worn by the likes of Grete Waitz back in the early 80's, they are going to use modern materials but the styling will be similar to the originals. I've been wearing a pair of Adizero Adios for a while, really good shoes which are very light but still pretty bouncey with a nice narrow fit, they are also a bit of a nod back to the old Adistar comp racer from '84 worn by the likes of De Castella and co. a slightly later version of this shoe, I think it was 86 had a Delinger web midsole and a suede outersole!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After the Break

Well after taking a short break from running of one week I have just completed a week of jogging 30-40 minutes per day, I always enjoy this first week back, just enjoying running and feeling fresh and springy. However, I now have to buckle down a little more and start training properly, I might have another go at half before Christmas to give me something to work towards. I'll also be posting my training on here weeek to week from Sunday onwards.

Warrington Half Marathon

Well I haven't posted for a few weeks, Warrington New Balance English Half Marathon didn't go well. I'm generally not very good at spending the night before a race in a hotel room, I'm usually a pretty good sleeper but seem to struggle with the combination of adrenaline before the race and unfamiliar surroundings. I slept badly before the Great North Run but this was much worse and I think I only got 2 or 3 hours. The race was early 9am and so I was up at 5.30 for a jog and breakfast.

We were greeted by a wet autumn morning but perfect conditions for running a half marathon. After a delayed start we got going and quickly sorted ourselves out into a small group of leading athletes. There were five of us in the group and we went through the opening mile in 5.03 and I didn't feel great. I knew the opening miles were supposed to be uphill but it was tougher than I had imagined. At 3 miles (15.19) I felt as though I was working really hard and in danger of getting dropped. Comapred with the GNR where I went through 5k in 15.04 I was feeling much worse. I knew that with a large gap behind me getting dropped was not an option and I had to hang on for as long as possible. It was pretty miserable stuff and I was dropped and got back on about 4 times before losing contact at 8 miles. The guys in the group starting racing each other as we turned to drop back down the hill and I lost ground, there was a point at about 9.5 where I felt I was making ground but I struggled badly in the last 2 miles, finishing in 66.36. I was pretty disappointed with the run, and reckon I was about a minute down on a normal day but on a positive note, if I'm running 66.36 on a bad day there is more in the tank.

Again I wore the New Balance RC769 and experienced no problems at all, I find them a little heavy but my legs seem to recover well after racing in them. I'm going to get a pair of RC205 from the US soon.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My wife and I, Jane, launched a screen print company last year creating large format, single colour screenprints on recycled stock. It's almost a year since we launched the company and it continues to grow and develop. You can check it out here....

England vest - Warrington Half

I found out earlier in the week that I'd been picked to run the Warringtom Half for England this weekend, I've been nursing my legs after running the Great North Run last week, the course there is pretty undulating and I've now run it 3 times (65.15, 66.23, 65.37) and always think it is a deceptively tough course. My legs didn't give me any problems and I had no blister/shoe issues. I was wearing a pair of New Balance RC 769, it is a relatively thick racing shoe which you could probably wear for some training runs. The upper is a great fit on my relatively narrow feet but I do find the outersole wears very quickly and is a little too soft for my liking, I like a shoe with a firm midsole/outsole. I've considered trying to get a pair of RC205 from US but I'm a little unsure on sizing. I have been training in the 904 and the 827, both great shoes but the wear leaves a lot to be desired, I am only getting about 250-300 miles per pair, which for somebody relatively light and quick is not great. I'm thinking about trying another shoe, maybe Adizero tempo or Asics DS trainers.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First post

Hello, I'm intending to keep my training log and other bits and bobs on here to try and keep my motivation to train going whilst juggling a business, a family and my running. I'm a distance runner competing for Woodford Green AC and living in Hitchin Herts. though originally from the North East.